Our story


A history of excellence for more than 50 years

The companies Fisam, for metal items stamping, and Bamar for the plastic, were founded by Antonio Badini in the early 1960s, to serve the luggage and trunk market with the best technologies of the time.


The two companies, independent from each other but closely interconnected, found a common dimension in Fisam1963 in 2012, when with the aim of maximizing production and services offered to its customers, Fisam decided to acquire the production part of Bamar, keeping the ownership and location of the production lines in the historic sites of Romano d’Ezzelino (VI), in Veneto.

A reference point in the luggage sector

For over 50 years, Fisam1963 has been a reference company in the luggage sector with a wide range of items and the maximum flexibility and discretion in the creation of new products, even exclusively.

A look to the future

The second and third generation of the family look to the future by investing considerable resources every year, both in the development of the business, with an increasingly accurate compliance with safety and environmental regulations, and in management, to constantly improve company efficiency and product quality.

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