Fisam1963 Srl, production of small metal parts and plastic components

Fisam1963 is specialized in small metal parts stamping and plastic components molding since the early 1960s.
Historically linked to the luggage sector, it is still one of the leading companies in Europe.

Fisam1963, has a wide range of continuously updated articles.

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24 / 06 / 22

New 4 axes CNC machining center

Fisam1963 integrates a new 4 axes CNC machining center.

15 / 07 / 21

New Management development

We are developing a new software management that will permit us to control with high precision, the progress state of all articles in production: another high stanclard of efficiency and competence.

15 / 07 / 21

Digital Warehouse

Digital warehouse and development to improve very efficient time delivery

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